Recognising your true beauty – that’s empowering


Because when you look amazing you feel amazing – like you can do anything. Take on the world, achieve your goals, be present for your children, get that new job, find love.


I can help make that a reality for you


Imagine this …


You feel beautiful, confident and sure of yourself. Getting dressed in the morning is easy and so is going shopping. You make better choices and save money.
There’s no self doubt. No indecision. No tears in front of the mirror. You feel good about yourself in a way you haven’t in a long time.
Your partner, family and friends can see the difference. They comment on how great you look and how relaxed and happy you seem. Your colleagues and clients notice it too. They sense a new energy about you.
All of this because you’ve reconnected with the real you.



Hi I’m Sheryll. I’m a personal colour consultant who works with women of all ages using the power of colour to show you your inner shine.
Don’t be held back by what you don’t know. Because nature leaves nothing to chance and neither should you.




“I really enjoyed the session yesterday. You were so clear, professional, didn’t rush things and very unbiased and objective. I have been to a few colour analysis ages ago and it was like the moment they saw me, they already drew conclusions what season I was! I never felt comfortable about what was analysed. With you, I felt we really explored everything and nothing was taken for granted. I felt completely at peace and satisfied that I finally got an answer to my “colour woes”! You cleared up so much confusion and self doubt. I was so excited and happy I couldn’t sleep last night! Can’t wait to go shopping.”     – Veronica, Dark Autumn